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Beauty from within

Beauty from within

The beauty from within market is one of the fastest-growing within the supplemental industry. 

Not just opening the doors for cosmetic companies to have ranges of supplements offered alongside treatments, but also allowing food manufacturers and supplement producers to position products towards personal care.

Products within the beauty areas can come in all shapes and sizes. RTD’s, capsules, tablets, blends and shots are all now commonly found within the market. Three of the main avenues that are available within the sector:




Each of these can be accessed through a variety of ingredients providing micronutrients for EFSA approved claims. They can then be further supported with ingredients known to help in these areas like forms of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Cambridge Commodities has in-depth knowledge of how these ingredients can be combined to create various product formats, calculated to meet EFSA approved claim levels, and help generate products that fit your brief.

Explore what our new product development team can do for you today!

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